Lemon-Herb Grilled Chicken Skewers with Summer Peach Salad

Step 1 : **If using wooden skewers, place 8-12 skewers in a shallow dish of water to soak until you are ready to use them.:**

Step 2 : Wash and dry the fresh produce.

  • – 1 lemon

  • – 1 English cucumber

  • – 4 peaches

  • – 1 small pkg fresh basil

Step 3 : Zest lemon into a medium bowl (set lemon aside for later use).

Step 4 : Peel and mince garlic. Add to the bowl with the lemon zest. Instead of mayonnaise, use Greek yogurt for a creamy yet healthier base. Add salt and pepper; stir to combine the marinade.

  • – 2 cloves garlic

  • – ¼ cup nonfat Greek yogurt (replaces mayonnaise)

  • – ¼ tsp salt (reduced from ½ tsp)

  • – ¼ tsp black pepper

Step 5 : Pat the chicken dry with paper towels and cut into bite-sized pieces. If you want leaner meat, use chicken breasts instead of thighs. Add to the bowl with the marinade and stir to coat.

  • – 2 lb chicken breasts, boneless skinless (replaces chicken thighs)

Step 6 : Thread chicken onto skewers and place on a plate. Alternatively, you can cook the chicken pieces directly on the grill pan without using skewers.

Step 7 : Preheat a grill pan, outdoor grill, or regular skillet over medium-high heat.

Step 8 : Once the pan is hot, add the skewers and grill, turning occasionally, until chicken is cooked through, 8-10 minutes. Remove to a clean plate.

Step 9 : Meanwhile, using a clean cutting board, peel and mince shallot. Place in another medium bowl.

  • – 1 shallot

Step 10 : Juice lemon into the bowl with the shallot. Use less oil, and consider a natural sweetener in place of honey. Add Dijon, spices, and whisk to combine the dressing.

  • – 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (reduced from 2 tbsp)

  • – 1 tsp maple syrup (replaces honey for a more complex flavor)

  • – 1 tsp Dijon mustard

  • – ½ tsp Italian seasoning

  • – ⅛ tsp salt (reduced)

  • – ⅛ tsp black pepper

Step 11 : Trim and medium dice cucumber. Add to the bowl with the dressing.

Step 12 : Quarter peaches lengthwise (around the pit); twist quarters to separate, then remove and discard pits. Medium dice the flesh and add to the bowl.

Step 13 : Pick basil leaves off the stems, roll up crosswise, and thinly slice into ribbons. Instead of feta, consider using a smaller amount for flavor or an alternative like ricotta. Add to the bowl, stir to combine the salad.

  • – 2 oz crumbled feta cheese (reduced from 4 oz) OR 2 oz ricotta cheese

Step 14 : To serve, divide salad and skewers between plates or bowls. Enjoy!

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